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PakLite - Style Air Luggage

I personally go to the airport looking like a homeless person, because I think people will leave me alone. But I dress myself with my luggage - all my luggage matches
- Andre Leon Talley

All photos by Dylan Nie

If you read my Travel Essentials post, then you'd remember me mentioning the new Paklite Style Air large luggage bag which I took with me on my recent trip to Indonesia. 

Everyone knows that packing can be a traumatic experience for even the most seasoned of traveller and avoiding going over your baggage allowance can be a difficult task, well, the folks at Paklite came to my rescue with their awesome brand of luggage and I was happy to travel with a brand with such a great reputation and over 60 years of solid experience in the Aussie travel game. 

I ended up with the large trolley case ( 52cm x 32cm x 77cm ) as I wanted to try and fit enough luggage for two people in one single bag. Luckily the large trolley case only weighs 3.85kgs by itself, making it very easy to pack everything that we needed for our trip.

All packed up and ready to leave Melbourne's winter behind, we set off to the airport and at the bagged drop we were greatly surprised to see that our luggage weighed in at 19.6kgs, well under the 20kg limit.

To be completely honest, I wasn't sure the trolley case would get through the holiday being so light, but to my surprise it got through the airports and plane, numerous taxis, a couple of shuttle buses, boats and even a horse and cart. Did I mention that I even dragged it across a beach from a boat? 

 I'm very happy and lucky to get the opportunity to try out and keep this trolley case and in the future it will be accompanying me on many more travels abroad.