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Melbourne Young Makers - Tess Ebinger Part 2

How a hat makes you feel is what a hat is all about
- Philip Treacy

Following on from part 1 in the creation of my custom hat, we now move into the final day of production. My hat has now been on its form for at least 24hrs and now it's time to remove it. This is the time that Tess would start to think about crown shape, the edge finishing and the colour of the band.

The brim is pinned down ready for the wire to be inserted.

 The crown is then shaped into the desired form.

Depending on the wearer's head shape, there are a few different crown forms to choose from. Tess and I tried out 3 different ones; from the classic pinch, teardrop and the extended teardrop.

We decided on the teardrop crown as it allowed the hat to sit a little lower on my head (but not too low).

Next the wire is inserted - There are different types,  some are pliable to help shape your brim and others will hold one shape.

Choosing the pliable wire, the inner leather ring is cut to size and pinned into place. The hat is then tried on to check if it is firm enough whilst wearing.

The outer brim is then based stitched into place and the, machine stitched to hold everything firmly in place.

I choose dark brown for the band to give the maroon felt a warm contrast. 

The bow is made by hand and then hand stitched into place.

Band placement.

Then a custom green silk lining is glued into place and the inner band is hand stitched.

The custom green silk lining, as it's my favourite colour!

The finished product is amazing, Tess's work is extremely precise yet effortless. 
The experience of going from the creation of something through to receiving the finished product is like waiting for Christmas and then finally opening your presents on Christmas day. If you want your own hat made by Tess contact via Dressed By Tess or email tess.ebinger@gmail.com