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Handcrafted Sunglasses - OBLYK

I'm so shy now I wear sunglasses everywhere I go.
 - Al Pacino

All photos by James Want

I'm addicted to sunglasses and it's a habit that developed while I was tiling roofs under the Australian sun many years ago. The sun's glare was almost blinding, so wearing sunglasses became more necessity than sartorial choice. 

Some of my long-term readers might also be aware of the fact that I hate being in front of a camera, but a good photographer and a great pair of shades make me feel so much more at ease when I'm getting my photo taken. I also live by the harbour, which means that the light reflection of the water can be overwhelming at times. 

As you can tell I'm trying to justify my frame fix and I'm not too sure that the gents from TVG (The Versatile Gent) were aware of just how bad my problem was when they started designing OBLYK, but as soon as I saw their range of glasses I knew that I had to get myself in a pair.The collection consists of re-imagined versions of pretty classic designs - and not only are they "Made in Italy" but each pair is completely handcrafted.

My favourite style in the range are the Miro style in  "Seaweed", "Ghost" and the pair that I'm wearing here, named "Pineapple", which comes in the options of polished or matte, with light (unpolarized) or dark (polarized) lenses.

I couldn't imagine myself in a better pair of sunglasses this summer. "Please Sir, I want some more!"