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Wearing Shades Of Grey

One pretends to do something or copy someone or some teacher until it can be done confidently and easily in what becomes one’s own style
 - Cary Grant

Can a man wear a monochrome outfit in grey and not look like a living statue that's busking on the high street?

The simple answer is yes. The beauty of grey is that it's so neutral. Variations of grey include the full range of achromatic shades which lie on the spectrum all the way between white and black. 

To be honest, I had an idea of what I was going to wear and how it would visually play out before this photo shoot, but I took the time to scan the internet and see if I could find others braving the monochrome theme and doing it well.

Some guys I came across tend to mix the shades with lighter on the inner layers to dark on the outer. Others went for the one shade through all layers. In my opinion, it's easiest to  start with a simple outfit excluding the shoes and socks, maybe just using shades of one colour for the top, inner and bottom layers and then you can build from there. I guess wearing all black is quite easy and trying on trends in men's fashion without looking too uniform may initially seem a little tricky but that's what personal style is all about!

Here I've opted to even try dressing down a suit with a roll neck and some smart sneakers.





Suit by Oscar Hunt Tailors
Polo by Hermen Menswear
Roll Neck by River Island
Socks by Pantherella
Sneakers by Nudio Studio (Coming Soon)