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Holiday Essentials - Summer

Even when you take a holiday from technology, technology doesn't take a break from you.

- Douglas Coupland

Well, it's finally time, I'm off to the tropics to relax and recoup after another roller coaster year.
We all know that trying to pack a suitcase can be a little bit tricky when you're going from one temperature extreme to another and since I'll be jetting out of freezing Melbourne and into sunny, tropical Indonesia, I'll be keeping my layers light and warm.

I've decided to focus this post on my summer holiday essentials - being in the menswear industry (and perhaps more importantly, being a blogger) going on a holiday doesn't necessarily mean that my work stops, so to paraphrase Douglas Coupland, where I go technology is sure to follow.

Panama Hat (From Oscar Hunt Tailors)

If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know how much of a fan I am of Panama hats.  The Panama hat is the perfect style to take away with you on your summer holiday. Traditionally made for the heat, it will protect you from the sun whilst keeping your head cool and not tarnishing your style. I strongly recommend giving it a mist of water every two days (if in direct sun), to stop it from drying out and cracking.

Linen Shirt (From Oscar Hunt Tailors)

I'm also a big fan of linen as it's a great summer weight, open-weave fabric. I've opted for a short sleeve shirt in this image, although I'll also be taking a long-sleeve option out of respect for the Indonesian culture.  

Espadrilles (Handmade in Spain)

When it comes to footwear, flip-flops don't do a lot for me. They break easily and then you're left searching high and low for a suitable pair of replacement shoes. Espadrilles, especially traditionally made ones like these, are super light-weight and comfortable. Comprising of a light canvas upper and a hemp rope sole, they mould to your feet and last.

Swimwear (Shorts by Nikben)

This is a very personal item, with some men liking them longer in the leg, some liking them short and others keen to not wear them at all. I prefer a well made, mid-cut swim short and this pair is quick drying and fade resistant. 

Headphones (By Jay's)

Music is life and there's nothing worse during a long-haul fight than those badly made headphones that don't work properly or crack loudly while you're trying to listen to music or watch a movie. Lucky enough I was able to test out these new two-way stereo earphones by Jays, with a smart tangle free wires and the crystal clear sound these make regular earphones seem like a pair of tin cans with a string.


As a blogger, I want to be able to keep in touch with my readers and without a laptop or personal device it's virtually impossible. But apart from doing the regular email checking and blog posting, your laptop or tablet is a great way of storing your holiday memories and keeping in touch with friends and family at home.

Holidays are meant to be remembered and a camera is vital. Having a camera with a video capability means that you'll never miss a moment although in the past keeping the quality of your photo and video footage high meant that you had to sacrifice on bulk and weight. Introducing the GoPro, the perfect lightweight high-def video and camera in one. They come with a waterproof/shock-resistant case for all those crazy selfies and adventurous moments. 

Luggage (By PakLite)

Luggage enables you to take your wardrobe and bathroom essentials with you when you travel, although the big downside to packing is those pesky airline weight restrictions. To help soften the blow of a 20-kilo baggage allowance, there are new lightweight cases being released into the market every year. 
Paklite contacted me regarding their new StyleAir range and it seemed like the perfect time to try the brand out. This range covers carry-on, medium and large cases all under 4kgs, the one pictured here is their large case which is both strong and scratch resistant.

Sunglasses (By Bailey Nelson)

Last, but certainly not least, is a pair of sunglasses.  When it's sunny outside they're a must, just make sure that if you are on a boat or close to water that your pair has polarized lenses, as they reflect from top to bottom (unlike tinted lenses which just mute the glare).