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How to - Ebay

Ebay MenswearI believe that thrift is essential to well-ordered living
 -  John D. Rockefeller

Gambling takes both luck and skill and my chosen form of gambling comes in the guise of buying clothing through eBayauctions.

The main question people ask when I say a piece from my wardrobe has been purchased through online bidding, is how do I know something will fit without trying it on? The answer is something I can't stress enough…

Learn your measurements:

  •    Across the back of your shoulders 
  •    Chest circumference and half chest
  •    Waist (stomach) circumference and half waist (for jackets, shirts and pants)
  •    Sleeve length (Mainly what you desire)
  •    Jacket length (Suit, Sports, Overcoat, Shirt)
  •    Outer & Inner Leg lengths (pant and shorts
  •    U-Rise (front center waistband, between the legs and to the back of the center       waistband)
  •    Thigh, Calf and Seat 
  •    Foot width and length (Longest point and widest width)

With all of these calculations we’re looking for desired finished measurements if possible, so collect together the clothes that fit you best and take measurements from them whilst they are laid flat. For trousers, make sure to take note of the u-rise, as this will determine where your new pants or shorts will sit on your waist/hips.

When it comes to shoes it can be a little more difficult as shoes will differ in padding, shape and toe box size. As our feet aren't perfect triangles, asking the eBay seller for an innersole measurement then taking at least 1.5 inches off will give you a more accurate idea of size. With the width, if your foot is 4 inches wide, then depending on if the shoes are new or old will determine what you should go for. If new then 4 inches inner width would suffice as more will stretch and if used push towards 4.25 inches, as they are less likely to stretch further.   

In conclusion, everything that is learnt can be put to practice. I use everything I talk about on this blog everyday and save a lot of money in doing so. If not buying online then trying on in-store is the best practice in finding your fit for off the rack and ready to wear items. Once you know exactly what works for you, then shopping is easier and more affordable. If you're after something specific and can't find it, then don’t compromise - push it to the back of your mind because one day you’ll likely find it either online, on holiday or locally and you never know your luck - it may be on sale.