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Back but never left. The Double Breasted Jacket.

Double Breasted When it comes to menswear, never listen to others, just to yourself. Wear what makes you feel at ease, observe a lot and grab details around.

-Luca Rubinacci

In 2011 they said it was right on trend, a few years later they said it was gone for good - Now it looks like the double breasted jacket is back again, popping up in all of the new winter collections here in Australia. To be honest I love a tailored double-breasted jacket and the silhouette that it gives whilst done up, is very flattering. Not to mention the extra warmth and security a double breasted jacket brings in the colder months. 

I know very well that a double breasted jacket isn't everyone's "cup of tea", but then what would personal style be if it appealed to every single person? And it's not just about the classic 6x2 buttoning, there are many variations: 6x1,6x3,4x2 (Known as "The Kent" after the Duke of Kent),4x1, even the very formal 2x1 button combination. 

And DB style doesn't stop there - it can also be worn as a sports jacket or even a dinner suit. So what are your thoughts, Is it back or did it never go? 
For me personally it has never gone out of style, nor will it. Classics never die.

Here I'm wearing a fine pinstripe from Melbourne brand Godwin Charli, other places to find the DB here in Australia are MJ Bale, Farage, Oscar Hunt, David Jones and Myer to name a few.

Roberto Mararo - DB Sports Jacket

Quilted DB

Tom Ford wearing a DB Dinner suit / Tuxedo

Suit, Pea-coat, Shirt & Tie by Godwin Charli
Pochette by Breuer 
Gloves by Aaron Cheung
Shoes by Carmina