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Colour me Arancione

There is no blue without yellow and without orange
- Vincent Van Gogh

In part two of the colour series we jump from the "unmanly" colour of pink to one that is extremely overlooked. Orange stands out a lot and if you go too crazy with it you may get called Carrot Top, but if you find the right shade and tone to suit your complexion it makes a great accent colour for clothing and accessories. 

Personally I like to incorporate darker shades into larger items of clothing (sports jackets and pants) and keep my accessories a little bit brighter (pocket squares, ties and socks). I would also suggest that people with red hair and pale skin don't overdose on the colour and instead use their own natural tones as a contrasting colour.

Below are some colours that work well with orange:
navy, olive, brown, burgundy, charcoal, musk and beige.

 Sunglasses by Bailey Nelson

Shoes by New Balance

Pocket Square by Tombolini

Knitted Tie by Oscar Hunt Tailors

Scarf by Da Capo

Umbrella by Pasotti