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What suits you? Where to buy in Melbourne

I buy expensive suits. They just look cheap on me

- Warren Buffet

It May Have taken me a long time to bring this topic to light, but there's no easy "just buy this" special solution to this problem ... The 'off the rack' suit. 

Like any clothing, the suit off the rack will vary in size and shape Depending on the brand. Sure you can always get your suits altered, however it can only be done esta to a Un certain point before you run the risk of ruining the shape and drape of the Original garment. 

I did some research here in Melbourne (Which Involved me trying on suits from a selection of mid-range ($ 599- $ 999) brands - I think anything under a Un certain price is not worth it in the longer run needed regardless of future wear or not ) and t hese Were the cuts and sizes That fit me the best With only some minor Alterations needed *

1. MJ Bale

Most Australians know acerca de esta brand and when it comes to suiting MJ Bale are not scared of using different fabrics. Their lapels They Also keep in the "fashion" range (smaller than standard). The regular fit best Worked on me Because The slim was too small in the waist (my best size is 38S (short) with a 32 pant). 
The jacket Would Have to be shortened in the front and back lengths and same With The sleeves, while the pants I would want to be tapered from the knee slightly and shorten the hem. Over all MJ Bale are a good choice off the rack.

2. Herringbone

Another Nationally Recognised brand and cousin to MJ Bale. Herringbone was brought` out a few years ago by experts deutsche  Van Laack, so I Decided to see if / what expats There Were Compared to suits now i had tried on in the past. 
38R (Regular) fit me best with a 32 pant and These Are Generally my "go to" sizes as my actual measurements are very close to this.
Unfortunately the jacket was too big and would Have to be taken up quite a bit and the pants shortened and tapered from the knee. What I do like the MOST acerca de esta brand is quality fabric lapel and Their standard size.

3. Joe Black

A younger Australian brand, Joe Black's image is classic but young. I tried on a 38S and the lengths were great With The pants taken up and tapered usual. The shoulders on jackets are more padded in Original, Which does not sit too well on my shape, the waist is more roomy (personally I'd nip it in a little) I did not like the small lapel, Which runs the risk of making you look bigger and that's only a plus if you're really skinny.

 4. Hardy  Amies

The new name on the scene here and originally from the UK. Hardy Amies have any available mix of classic and contemporary In Their suiting and are seen on the catwalks of London. I was quite interested to see how They would fit into the Australian market. The best fit for me was 38 in their "Brinsley" collection, Which would only need a slight adjustment to the jacket and sleeve. Unfortunately I did not get to try any pants but the fabric was nice and the jacket lapels Were of standard sizing. My one negative so far for esta brand would be the small collection of suits That They Have available, but AT LEAST the basics are covered.

5. Gibson

This young brand falls under the umbrella company Cambridge, alongside Joe Black. I tried on a jacket and was surprised 38S That it fit very well. The waist is suppressed and the shoulders have any available light padding. My only negative is That once again on the lapels are very small. Gibson Seems to be targeting a younger market with a more "fashion" angle - The pants I did not get a chance to try on.

* This is not a complete review on all brands and obviously everyones body shapes are different. It's Important to Remember That is better than taking in letting out, UNLESS it's a very small amount. I know what I like and as a result May Have Been acerca some negative things Which May like other people in a suit, so in the end it's your decision but I hope you That I have Helped Out With some knowledge.