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No one's ever really Given me any style advice. I wear what I want, and it does not matter what other people think 
- David Beckham

These days, men have so many different fashion avenues available to them and as a result guys (especially here in Australia) are feeling more comfortable experimenting with their wardrobes and finding their own unique sense of style. 

Here in Oz, I've started to notice a big movement towards "fast fashion" brands, namely European high-street labels such as H&M who have started launching into our retail market. 

In a nutshell "fast fashion" is where you take the newest catwalk trends and make them affordable to the masses and one of the major driving forces behind this push is the aforementioned Hennes & Mauritz (H&M). With stores all over the world H&M finally made their way to Australia last year and they, along With Zara and Topshop have changed our fashion landscape for good.

Along with these "high street" super-stores comes a wave of celebrity collaborations and so far we've seen the likes of Alexander Wang, Karl Largerfeld, Beyonce and Madonna design limited edition capsule wardrobes for H&M. But it's the retail giant's latest collaboration with David Beckham that's MOST likely to to get the average guys attention.

Known for his love of classic British style, David Beckham has been working alongside H&M since 2012, designing everything from underwear to this season's new basic essentials collection - Comprising of t-shirts, shirts, polos, chinos, trousers, jumpers and jackets. 

H&M were kind enough to offer me a sneak peak at the latest David Beckham collection and as a fashion lover I couldn't resist the opportunity to look at what's happening on the high street. I honestly think that affordable and stylish designs like this Beckham collection offer men the opportunity to experiment with their style whilst saving up for more expensive investment pieces, or perhaps even the opportunity to experiment with their wardrobes in the hopes of finding their fashion feet.