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E poi c'è Napoli ( And then there was Naples)

Modernity signifies the transitory, the fugitive, the contingent, the half of art of which the other half is the eternal and the immutable

- Charles Baudelaire

Naples, Italy

I've just had the pleasure of watching another beautiful fashion documentary by Gianluca Migliarotti (aka Kid Dandy). And then there was Naples opens with some really breathtaking images of the city of Naples in Southern Italy, a town filled with old-world charm and an awe inspiring history. It makes sense that the film should start this way, with the documentary focussing on classically trained artisans - highlighting the ways that modern technology has changed their approach to creating men's fashion.

Gianluca Migliarotti aka Kid Dandy

The story follows bespoke trouser-maker Salvatore Ambrosi as he journeys to work, it highlights the beautiful city and hints to the classical elements and broad history of the third largest city in Italy.Film maker Migliarotti also takes care to interview some of the best known artisans from the region, with cameos by some of the city's best tailors, bag, glove and silk accessory makers plus an interview with Hugo Jacomet from the Parisian Gentleman.

This film really makes you feel the passion behind the people who produce some of the world's most amazing products and the amount of work that goes into each piece, with some design elements staying the same for hundreds of years.

Salvatore Ambrosi

The documentary also shows that most of these classic businesses are now run by the children of the founding fathers. Massimiliano & Guiseppe Attolini are in charge of Attolini, Maria Paone heads Kiton, Annalisa Calabrese now runs Calabrese, The Portslano Family look after Portslano, Gianluca Isaia of Isaia and Maurizo Marinella of E.Marinella. 

Massimiliano & Guiseppe Attolini

Only in Italy would you find some of these old timers still cutting and sewing their magic and it goes to show that if you are born with a passion and love your work, it will stay with you until the day that you die. I thought that it was really amazing to see Antonio Panico on the screen - He started tailoring back in the 50's and still today is considered to be a legend amongst Napolitan tailors.

Antonio Panico

To celebrate this year's VAMFF here in Melbourne, ACMI will be showing And then there was Naples as part of the Fashions on Film season. 

For one lucky follower of APMM, I have a double pass for the showing the Australian premiere on Saturday14th of February 2015 at 1:30pm.

To win these tickets all you have to do is share this post on your Facebook, tagging both A Poor Man's Millions and ACMI. A winner will be announced Monday 9th of February 2015 via Facebook.

*Entrants must be from Melbourne, Australia Only*