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Sandal Style?

Any man who is going to be wearing any type of open-toed footwear needs to attend to his feet

Gregg Andrews (creative director of fashion, Nordstrom's)

Yes they've turned into a bit of a fashion 'don't', but if you're doing it right (and by right I mean leaving the socks at home) sandals are a great sartorial choice for the warmer months.


Let's just try to leave all of those disturbing images of old men wearing socks with sandals behind and take a new, modern approach to this classic form of footwear. Whilst in Florence last summer I was lucky enough to get a street leather worker to make me a pair of bespoke sandals. As you all probably know by now, I love classics and that, combined with the fact that I was walking around all day in the Italian sun constantly breaking my flip-flops meant that it was time to invest in a decent pair of summer shoes.

I also wanted to bring something different to the table with this post. Some of you may call my choice of footwear "high fashion" while some others may think this is well out of their comfort zone. But I don't care and neither should you. This is what individual style is and who can argue with thousands of years of history?

Jacket by Uniqlo
Pants by MJBale
Pocket Square Thrifted
Sunglasses by Bailey Nelson
Sandals by street leather worker in Florence, Italy