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Looking good isn’t self-importance, it’s self-respect.
- Charles Hix

I've recently discovered that the key to surviving the approaching warmer months, while still looking good and feeling like my clothes can breathe, is mohair.

Mohair is from the Angora goat and generally has a high sheen, giving it the nickname the "Diamond fibre" - A good tip I've also picked up is that if you're not really into a lustre finish, try and source yourself a wool/mohair mix (the wool element helps to dull down the shine).

Mohair is a great option for the spring racing season too. Since your suit will be able to breathe, you'll remain comfortable regardless of the temperature. I'm even considering wearing my mohair jacket to Derby Day this coming Saturday. 

In these pictures I've kept things more refined, letting the suit be the 'hero' piece of my finished outfit. I've paired it back with black loafers, a glen check tie, white shirt and my new briefcase.

The end result is quite business appropriate, illustrating the versatility of this excellent fabric.

Photos by Kim Donggwan at Looong Black

Mohair Suit & Shirt - Oscar Hunt Tailors
Tie - Vintage
Sunglasses - Bailey Nelson
Briefcase - Linjer
Loafers - Salvatore Ferragamo