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Shirt or Jacket?

Style is the perfection of a point of view.
                                          - Richard Eberhart

The sun just keeps coming and going and that can only mean one thing here in Melbourne. It's spring. 

Like Crowded House once sang, this city’s pretty well known for its “four seasons in one day” and spring is no exception to that rule. If you stand still in the shade for too long the temperature plummets but if you walk around in the sun you’ll soon be peeling off layers. So how do I decide what to wear during this erratic weather? Do I leave my apartment in just a shirt? Do I still carry a jacket? Maybe I need both...

I’ve just started getting into the habit of wearing shirt jackets. They’re the more casual version of a sports jacket and because they’re less structured they generally feel a bit lighter, especially if you can find one in a nice cotton or linen. Shirt jackets are perfect for that little extra layer of warmth you might need without adding too much bulk to your outfit.

The one I'm wearing in these photos is from Denham the jean maker, a brand renowned for innovative design. This shirt jacket is made from recycled textile taken from French military linen mattress covers, making it really unique. The material is hardy, while feeling remarkably soft. It's super versatile and easily my favourite garment right now.