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Scarpe Fatte a Mano Part 2 - Stefano Bemer

A shoe is an object which, if of excellent quality, helps us to walk and live more comfortably. When made from high quality materials and using excellent craftsmanship, it becomes a product that pleases us and stands out from the inevitable globalization of brands and industrially manufactured products.
                                                                                                                     - Stefano Bemer

Stefano Bemer is a world-renowned shoemaker from Florence, Italy. Founded in 1983, they have committed themselves to quality and refinement, combining both bespoke and ready to wear footwear.

Part owner Tommaso Melani invited me to see their beautiful workshop while I was in Europe last month and I jumped at the opportunity. While I was visiting I met another part owner in the business, Filippo, who showed me around the beautiful space that the company occupies in old Florence.

The upstairs area of Stefano Bemer is devoted to a training school, which runs for only 6 months per year. Only a select few graduates will even get the chance to move downstairs and work for the company after they qualify.

Whilst there, Filippo showed me a Russian Reindeer hide (pictured below) that dates back to 1786. Found in the hull of a sunken ship, only specialized leather artisans were given access to this material. A pair of these shoes will set you back 6,000 euros!

(Russian Reindeer Leather)

(Shoe making school)

(My pick of the bunch, love these!)

(Elephant hide)

(Shark Hide)

Stefano Bemer bespoke shoes are a very high standard for quality and utter dedication to detail. The shoes are made entirely by hand. For their RTW (ready to wear) collection every step bar the welting is done by hand, both sharing the exact quality of materials used, techniques, personalization and packaging; rendering it 95% bespoke on a standard sized last.

From the upper leather all the way to oak shanks and cotton laces, only certified organic materials are used. As for leather selection - you can get anything from your standard Italian and French calf to Japanese shark, Elephant, Hippo and African Antelope - It's completely up to the clients imagination.

(Replica official basketball leather)