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Roped and Soled

It's totally impossible to be well dressed in cheap shoes.

                                                                         - Hardy Amies 

It's a 4000-year-old fashion trend; first discovered when historians unearthed rope soled sandals buried alongside human remains in the Cueva de los MurciĆ©lagos caves in Spain.

Fast-forward to the 13th century when the King of Aragon’s infantrymen commonly wore jute rope or braided hemp sandals paired with a linen sock. Like most current fashion styles history continues to repeat itself.

Espadrilles make a great alternative to the flip-flop and being made from 100% natural fiber means that your footwear will not only breathe well, but will also mould to your foot like a classic leather shoe.

Because the espadrille has been on trend for men this past European summer, there are many varieties currently available; both with and without a rope sole.

The shoes I’m wearing today don't have the full rope sole but instead have a soft leather sock lining and linen upper and I love the modern touch of the tassel loafer design. 

Shirt Jacket by Uniqlo
Polo by Hartford
Jeans by Dejour
Belt by Tailfeather
Sunglasses by Persol
Espadrilles by Axel Arigato