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Bon Voyage.

This will be my last winter post for now as I'm about to head off to chase the sun in Europe.
This tweed sports jacket is by far my favourite wardrobe piece, and to be honest I just don't wear enough. The earthy rust, stamped with a royal blue window pane check is a great smart casual option for the colder months and it's a little sad that I have to put in back in the closet (at least for the next few weeks) and replace it with a travel wardrobe of light cottons and linens.

Tomorrow I will be touching down in Paris, France. Of course I'll be doing all of the touristy things while I'm there, but number one on my holiday itinerary is to visit the Carmina store and pick myself up some new shoes.
I'll be keeping you all updated on my travels throughout the rest of July and August; the stores I visit and the people I meet along the way. Please follow me on Instagram at @apmmillions for more regular posts while I'm on my holiday and if you guys have any places you think I need to visit feel free to leave a comment below. Until then, Au Revoir Melbourne!

Jacket, Pants & Shirt by Oscar Hunt Tailors
Cardigan by Henry Bucks
Tie & Pocket square are Vintage
Gloves by Dents Uk (From Oscar Hunt Tailors)
Shoes by Church's Footwear