Dior Homme Fragrance History

Su Misura per Me

My style is nothing but the expression of myself; a score talking about me; harmony between what I show and what I hide; it’s a mix of sounds, notes and colours of symphony and bepop music. I leave fixed definitions and tags to the others.
                                                      - Nicola Ricci

I knew exactly what I wanted when I went for my first 'made to measure' experience and nothing's really changed over the years. I've always been able to envision exactly what I want even before I consult with a professional tailor, but now time has given me more technical knowledge in order for me to explain exactly what I want.

Buying clothes off the rack has definitely helped me find my colour palette and mixing off the rack with made to measure and bespoke has helped me express my personality through my wardrobe.

I feel so comfortable with my style these days that I never second guess whether a garment will look good or work on me or not and (at least in my experience) style can only be learnt through a system of trial and error. You're the most important judge as to whether your finished look is successful or not and as Italian tailor Nicola Ricci stated, "My style is nothing but the expression of myself." 

Overcoat, Jacket, Pants & Shirt by Oscar Hunt Tailors
Tie is a Vintage Thrift Find
Scarf by Drakes London
Braces by Albert Thurston (through Oscar Hunt Tailors)
Shoes by Loake Footwear