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My 6 Luggage Essentials

As most of my followers on Instagram and Facebook know, I'm about to head off on a holiday to Europe. My trip starts in Paris then it's off to Barcelona, Florence, Rome, Athens, Mykonos, Milan and back to Paris before flying home. Packing for my trip is fresh on my mind and I thought that I'd take this opportunity to share with you a list of some of my favourite 'travel essentials'. I'm sure that you guys will also have some suggestions for products that are different to the ones I've listed below, and I'd love to read your comments. Maybe you can even give me a new 'must have' item to take with me on my trip.






1. Dr Fawcetts Beard Oil: There's nothing worse than a dry, sharp beard. This beard oil is actually one of the best I've tried. (Check out mensbiz.com.au

2. TiPod: When travelling overseas, rolling up my ties in my shoes doesn't cut it for me. Tipod's protect your ties in an aluminium shell pod. So unless the plane runs over them they will be safe!

3.Bailey Nelson Sunglasses: I love them, I wear sunglasses all year round. Having sensitive eyes means that I need to protect them all year round, especially in the European sun. Bailey Nelson has a large range of styles, plus the strength and UV protection is perfect.

4.Tom Ford Fragrance: It's easily one of the only perfumes I wear. 90% of my collection is Tom Ford and Grey Vetiver was the first I tried and still one I love. It's a great all year round scent.

5. Mason Pearson Styling Comb: Having a barber's  haircut means that a comb is an essential styling tool and MP combs are amazing. I wouldn't use anything else, these combs are soft on the scalp and glide easily through the hair. Not to mention that each Mason Pearson product is hand-made.

6. Jack the Snipper Style Creme: This is the first time I've used this product. It's an Australian company and made by working barbers. So far it's good, the product's easy to use and washes out with water.