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Mais 20 Minutos Spotlight

A big thank you to Mais 20 Minutos, for having me as their Men's Style Spotlight.
For those like me who need it translated, an English version is below to my best of my translating abilities.

Every day men are more relaxed from all points of view: it is how to dress, behave, love etc.. It seems that everything is anyway, as if common sense does not exist anymore. It is a fact that the male-jurubebas were always first in my heart, I'm still in favor of Barbona (always, please), tattoos, more tapped shirt and a cool boot. Just think ridiculous when those paunchy gentlemen continue using tight t-shirt young. WHAT.
I greatly admire the man who knows how to dress well, even more when you can balance the hi-low. Admirable because I must give a damn job, right? What really draw’s my attention is a beautiful shoe and a cool shirt / shirt. Smelling clothes is also a beauty, haha. Neat or badly dressed, it is important to be decent, the rest of us finds a way in Renner or Hugo Boss. All this to provide a very personable young man, Australian Jared Acquaro .
Jared has a blog called The Poor Man's Millions  which shows that it is possible to dress up with very little. The guy besides being very handsome with his beard and tattoos, has an impeccable style and a cut of sensational hair. Is that boy you would not have embarrassed to introduce to your mother, you know? According to him, his style is inspired by the English and American classic with a mixture on Italian elegance. Australian blogger has worked as a specialist in style at Henry Bucks , a masculine brand.

And it is possible to dress well here in Brazil with menswear department stores? I say yes, because whenever I look at this area it has lots of cool stuff with decent price. Just have patience to "hunt". Separated some of Jared looks to inspire the hearts: