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Cutting School For Sydney

“To be noticed without striving to be noticed, this is what elegance is about.”- Luciano Barbera

Six in the morning and the heavens have opened just as I was due to leave for the airport.

I was heading from Melbourne to Sydney to meet up with barber Leonard Mattis, when the weather decided to make my journey as complicated as possible.

After a wallet busting taxi ride (it’s easier to take a cab to the airport rather than put up with the hassle of taking an umbrella through airport security) I make it to Tullamarine just in time for my domestic flight. It’s only as we make our descent through the clouds and into Sydney that I notice the beautiful sunshine coming through the plane windows. 

Flying interstate or even overseas can really make you think about how you dress for travel - The overcoat I left home in was appropriate for the gloomy Melbourne weather (raining and 14c) but wasn’t needed in Sydney at all.

Fortunately a little pre planning led me to dress in layers I could easily take on and off, like my overcoat. I also wore a blazer, making me feel a little more relaxed on my journey. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in the back of a taxi or in a tiny airline seat trying to remove layers.

I’m pleased to report that the New South Wales weather stayed sunny all day and as I left Sydney on my return journey that evening, a quick check of the Melbourne weather report (raining and 12c) had me happy that I had my winter layers ready to wear when I arrived back home.

Jacket, Shirt, Pants & Pocket Square by Oscar Hunt Tailors
Tie by Hackett
Shoes by Loake Footwear