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GQ Best Dressed Reader of 2013

Have you ever entered a competition then completely forgotten about it? 

Out of sheer curiosity, a few months ago I sent in a photo to GQ's best dressed reader competition. To cut a short story even shorter, last week I had a post on my Facebook page  saying "Should have been #1, but congrats nonetheless, brother." 

I was confused, until I hit the link and there it was, the GQ Best Dressed Reader of 2013 Top 40. Just a little excited, I flicked through the photos until I saw my slide number - 35.

I was chuffed. 35 out of over 10,000 entries is quite amazing, but upon further investigation, it turns out that its a countdown and the photos are ranked in order from least GQ to most, based on reader’s votes. So with a 'How GQ are you' rating of 82%, it seems I'm really number 5! What a great way to end to the year. So to all who voted for me thank you very much. I'm over the moon about it! Grazie Mille!