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$10 Hat on a 5 cent Head

I often take a brand-new suit or hat and throw it up against the wall a few times to get that stiff, square newness out of it.
                                          - Fred Astaire

You've found your perfect hat, but how do you wear it? What do you wear it with? It can be hard enough to find the 'right' hat but then you have to figure out how to wear it so you don't feel self conscious. It can be a headache all over again.

My new soft fur felt trilby is a good example. It's very traditional in a sense, but being a foldable hat softens its features and shape to give it a slightly more casual feel. 

Personally I wouldn't wear this with a full summer look. A wider brimmed Panama is more suitable for high Summer. But while the Melbourne weather is still mild, this headwear is perfect to literally top off a smart casual look. 

A quick point I'll make is to say it might be worthwhile paying a little extra to purchase fur felt instead of wool felt - it's a lot nicer to wear all year around. Try different colours and styles with different outfits and take note of the above quote by Fred Astaire. The same tip goes for shoes too. When something is a little worn in and has melded to you, it takes on your character. I also make sure I style my hair underneath the hat in case I need to take it off. Don't just wear it to excuse a bad hair day.

Hat by Christy's London (from City Hatters)
Jacket by MJ Bale
Braces by Henry Bucks
Socks by Pantherella (from Henry Bucks)
Loafers by Crockett & Jones