Dior Homme Fragrance History

Shoulder On

"Men are always looking for someone to boast to; women are always looking for a shoulder to put her head on."
                                                                                                                           - H. L. Mencken

It's a feature that holds the garment & starts the 'drape' - the shoulders. Because of this, I've found this to be a great starting point when finding the right fit for shirts, jackets and coats. 

Sloping, Squared, Rolled, Normal, Neapolitan.... don't be overwhelmed by all the terms that might get thrown at you. Sloping and Squared shoulders are exactly as they sound. Your shoulders slope downward or they are square to your body. A 'Normal' shoulder shape is your in-between. 

So far, so straight-forward, but then we need to consider the shoulder 'crown' or top of the sleeve where it meets the shoulder. Here the options are Roped, Natural, Soft, Padded and Neapolitan. 

Roped crowns are high shoulder crowns that peak above the shoulder line. These are good for acentuating the shoulders. As a general rule, this cut should be avoided by the tall and slender.

Natural shoulders have no padding at all, giving the garment a more casual or shirt-like fit and look. Quite nice on big shoulders as they don't square them off, helping to avoid a 'boxy' look.

Soft shoulders have a little padding, so can still be worn by those with bigger shoulders when you are looking for smarter, more formal finish. (This is the style I am wearing in these photos).

Padded shoulders are very classic and square. Definitely recommended for a slender man wanting to bulk up the figure.

Lastly, Neapolitan shoulders have been designed for ultimate comfort and movability  With a narrow shoulder and a wider sleeve which is finished with small scalped pleats on the sleeve head, 
I'm yet to come across a body shape that this classic cut does not suit.  

Jacket by Suit Your Style

Shirt by Trashness
Pants by Ben Sherman
Pocket Square by Henry Bucks
Sunglasses by Bailey Nelson
Monks by Loake