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Pin up Business

I don't care where we're going; I'm gonna wear a suit all day, every day.
                                                - Ray Lewis

I'm all about the pinstripe suit. It gives me height and slims me down. That's a lot to ask from one outfit. 

The pinstripe is a bonafide classic. It can be subtle or bold & sure, it's a little more challenging to break up as separates but sometimes you need a challenge.  

When it came to choosing my new pinstripe suit I wanted it all; a bold, classic, "Scarface" Italian style suit that could be worn casually at the same time. This was done by combining parts of southern Italy's Napoli suit structuring on the inside with the North's classic styling on the outside. My little baby was created by local Melbourne tailors Oscar Hunt with only a 4 week wait & in the end I've walked away with exactly what I wanted - a wide rope pinstripe suit with no canvas, half lining, a cool weave (open weave) fabric that would be great for business while also looking the business.

Suit & Shirt by Oscar Hunt
Tie & Braces by Henry Bucks
Socks by Patherella
Pocket Square by Ascot
Monks by Loake
Bag by Hackett