Dior Homme Fragrance History

A Morning to Suit.

Dress up your sportswear and dress down your formal wear
                                                                                - Luciano Barbera

During the 19th century, gentlemen began dressing for their morning horse ride. From this practice evolved the morning suit, which has now become an extravagant display of style worn for weddings and royal racing events. 

The morning suit consists of a tailed coat, waistcoat and trouser all matched in colour - typically in Morning Grey/Medium Grey and accompanied by a top hat and optional walking stick (or umbrella where appropriate, as demonstrated by The Prince of Wales). 

Spring forward to 2013 and I love that people are now taking the morning suit to another level and adding their own personality to it. The colours are getting brighter, more patterns are being added and a new breed of morning suit is beginning to emerge. 

During Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, Derby Day is the big day for wearing a morning suit. Sadly I won't be attending Derby Day this year, but here are some standout morning suits for the modern era: For all your Morning Suit needs in Melbourne, head to Henry Bucks!