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Tale of the true Artisan's

I love documentaries, especially when it's on a subject I have a great passion for, like true bespoke tailoring. 

It was hard to find a great deal on the subject, but the past year or so has seen the release of Kid Dandy Production's release O'Mast (Master) - a documentary about bespoke tailors from Naples, as well as I Colori Di Antonio (Antonio's Colours). The later focuses on Antonio Liverano from the Liverano & Liverano Bespoke Tailoring House, who collaborates with The Armoury to showcase Antonio's exceptional life. This documentary covers every aspect of Antonio's business, from his international team of young tailors to his different clients throughout Asia. The Liverano Tailoring House has definitely evolved outside the box, but has managed to keep its traditions well cemented.

Both films are beautifully made and are well worth watching. I rate both an easy 10/10 & a definite must for anyone interested in the subject!

O'MAST from Kid Dandy on Vimeo.

-I COLORI DI ANTONIO- TRAILER 2013 from Kid Dandy on Vimeo.

Both DVDs are available at Exquisite Trimmings.