Dior Homme Fragrance History

The Chips Are Down!

The smarter you play, the luckier you’ll be.
                                                            - Mark Pilarski

When it came to my first classic made to measure suit, I wanted to win big. This was going to be something that I'd keep forever and only pull out for special occasions. I want to feel as soon as this suit goes on, it's time to kick ass!

So I decided to bet it all on Dormeuil. I put my chips on the table - choosing their Amadeus cloth in a rich Navy with a black cross weave so my suit wouldn't be your typical banker midnight Navy. Jackpot!

Shell buttons give the suit a nice contrast, plus a burnt orange lining gives it some wow factor. I still want to have fun and show some personality. These are the type of wardrobe basics I throw large on; the ones we will always need and come back to forever and ever.

Suit by Dormeuil (through Henry Bucks)
Shirt by Oscar Hunt
Tie by Paolo Albizzati
Pocket Square by Henry Bucks
Double Monks by Loake