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Spring Wish List

These are a few of my wish list items for Spring. The brands I end up with may vary but the construction and styling will be the same.

1. Meermin Suede Tassel Loafer
Yes I already own a suede tassel loafer and yes gladly I'll have another please. Rotating leather shoes keeps them with you for longer and who wants to wear the same shoe day in and out? 

2. Boglioli Linen Suit
Even though in Spring it can still be cold, layering under a linen suit can give you that happy medium and with the Melbourne weather it often changes every hour anyway.

3. Tombolini Unstructured Blazer
Just like the linen suit, this is unlined and with no structure, it's a very casual but smart blazer to roll around in. Paired with shorts, chinos, jeans or even a smart trouser, it's a great all rounder for spring and beyond.

4. Bailey Nelson Sunglasses
Even though I do usually wear sunglasses all year round due to Australia's blinding glare, for spring and into summer I like to have green lenses so I'm not completely in the dark but there is just enough light to embrace colourful landscapes and vistas.

5. Hackett Tailored Chino
An absolute must for spring. Comfortable, easy wearing and very versatile I couldn't think of spring without them. Don't just stop at blue; they come in a great range of colours and styles!

6. Church Chetwynd Suede Brogue
I can hear people asking "why don't you already own suede brogues?" Unfortunately I can't afford everything at once, but once I save up my pennies, these will make a great addition to my collection. These beautiful oxfords will give my outfits a more casual feel and these with no socks and tailored shorts or chinos will rock my world!