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Stop, Flannel Time

If you regularly read this blog, it's possible you'll recognise these flannel pants and blazer from other shoots. This is the versatility of a three piece suit in action. Flannel - this not so thick, yet soft & fibrous material is quite light but oh so warm. Melbourne can get cold but it'll never be as cold as a European or North American winter, where suits in heavy wools or tweeds can be a necessity. With this three piece, I also opted for a half lined blazer so I can comfortably wear the whole suit indoors or during warmer months. Did I mention how soft the material is? You want to feel warm yet comfortable in winter, not sweating underneath heavy layers.

3 Piece Flannel Suit by Oscar Hunt
Check Shirt by Oscar Hunt
Wool Tie by Paolo Albizzati
Pocket Square by Asos
Black Knightsbridge Oxfords by Loake