Dior Homme Fragrance History

Pink Belly, Pink Belly..

Working in menswear I come across a lot of customers with a fear of stepping outside of their usual sartorial comfort zone. One major fashion fear a lot of guys have is colour, which recently got me thinking about the colours I tend to avoid. 

Some international cuisines can look a little intimidating, even off-putting at first, but life would be so boring if we just stuck with meat & two veg. That's exactly, I realised, how I felt about wearing pink. 

Italian menswear masters Nicola Ricci and Andrea Luparelli both share similar natural tones to me and I admire their style, so it's to them I looked to, to see what shade of pink might work best for me. The answer - soft pink, almost light musk. 

As an entree, I tried a simple shirt and and got a taste for the tone. Slowly but surely it's now safe to say I'm no longer scared to wear pink and mix it into my everyday wardrobe. Don't be a yellow belly, step outside your comfort zone and add some spice to your wardrobe.

Blazer by Hugo Boss
Knit Jumper by Zara
Shirt by Oscar Hunt
Chinos by Jack London
Tie by Fiorio
Sunglasses by Bailey Nelson
Double Monks by Loake