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Dirt City Rules

True style doesn't have rules. Once you learn the essence of dress, you should feel free to bend the rules, albeit intelligently. 
So, where did the rule "no brown in town" come from? Historically, brown was the colour that a British businessman working in the city wore when he returned home for the weekend. During the week he would wear black, blue or grey. Brown was the colour of the country; of tweed, felt hats and manor appropriate footwear.

Brown became a colour synonymous with being off-duty, hence "no brown in town". This rule may no longer be relevant but it does remind us that when dressing for business, we should dress with dignity. Luckily though, we no longer have to dress like conservative clones. 

Suit by Suit Your Style
Shirt by Henry Bucks
Tie by Hackett
Pocket Square by Paolo Albizzati
Sunglasses by Bailey Nelson
Oxford Shoes by Grenson