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Quality Control

Even though I endeavour to stick to my budget so as not to have to take out a loan to buy clothes, I don't like to skip out on quality. But just to make things that little bit more difficult, it actually can be hard nowadays to really just rely on the old saying "you pay for what you get!". In many cases, even if you purchase the  $200 jumper over the $60 version, it doesn't always mean the higher price is of better quality. It comes down to knowing materials and basic construction, but if we all get smarter about our options and demand quality and value for money, then in the end, companies will have to oblige. 

On a personal note, you can be assured that everything featured on this blog reflects the true me. If it's not something I would wear, then you won't find it here and I will never accept pieces just because they're free, or to further blog content. 

Overcoat, Blazer & Shirt by Oscar Hunt
Chinos by Joe Black
Belt by Tailfeather
Tie by Paolo Albizzati
Pocket square by Florence Style
Sunglasses by Bailey Nelson
Scarf by Alpaca Australia
Oxford Shoes by Grenson