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Second Skin - Coats

It's been said that coats are the fashion item of choice for those with slippery hands. 

Cloakrooms lose coats left, right and centre. Why? Because everyone wants to get their hands on a quality coat. Now, I'm not promoting stealing in any way but what I am promoting is the personalisation of your overcoats so you can claim your second skins!

Whether it's single or double breasted, I love how you can layer an outfit in multiple ways with a quality coat. I do have my own coming to me very soon and I've splashed out for the made to measure option. When you'll be wearing something so often, you want to feel like you belong in your second skin.

1. Velvet collared wool/cashmere English single breasted by Crombie

2. Chelsea Sports Quilted 100% Polyamide jacket by Barbour

3. The iconic Trench by Burberry

4. Digital Block wool blend DB Overcoat by 3.1 Phillip Lim

5. Small Collar MAC by Paul Smith