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Melbourne Coffee and Style

Coffee - it's a massive part of Melbourne culture. Some might even say it runs in our veins.

In my personal experience, I didn't get into "real" coffee until I moved to the inner suburbs where you'll find great cafes with walking distance in every direction. Being a true Melbournian means that becoming a caffeinatic has become part of everyday life.The Andronicus Brothers came from Greece during the 1800's, importing their first satchel of magical beans into Australia & now we are fiercely proud of our coffee culture. Like most of the great things in life, years of experimentation and experience has refined the process of coffee, turning the production of a great cuppa.

Now, I could go on naming great cafes around Melbourne, but there are plenty of blogs already devoted to the coffee cult. What I will mention, though is that apart from when I'm on my own grind, my regular stomping ground for coffee is Clement in South Melbourne.

Clement is a tiny hole-in-the-wall, yet it has become an instant favourite with me, with its rotating selection of locally roasted single origin beans. The abundance of flavours blows my mind; Caramel, Purple Fruit, Nutty, Chocolate, Cinnamon ... Within a couple of blocks, we also have some big names -  St Ali, Deadman Espresso, Chez Dre and Padre. Luckily for me, South Melbourne is also where I work, or I'd be spending a lot more time making the trek on the #96 &112 trams.

Double Breasted is a sample from an Apprentice Tailor
Shirt by Oscar Hunt
Italian Wool Jumper by Fred Perry
Checked Trouser by Jack London
Maroon Tie by Paolo Albizzati
Oxfords by Grenson