Dior Homme Fragrance History

It all starts from the feet up... Shoes.

Like most guys, I spent my teens & 20's in canvas street shoes like Vans and Converse until they were worn out enough to fall off my feet. Then one day, SNAP.... Pain shot right up my left ankle and I could hardly walk. Doctors, Chiropractors, orthotics and many dollars later, I finally came to the conclusion that maybe trying good quality shoes might be worth a try.

In July last year I began working at Beggar Man Thief and I invested in my first pair of English brogues. That same pair are featured in these photos, pimped out with a pair of Mavericks Laces. Now I own quite a few pairs of handmade leather shoes. Most are English, some are Italian, but all are good quality. My ankle pain and those orthotics have since been retired, never to be worn again. Moral of this story is that if a footwear company has been hand-making shoes for over 100 years, they're still around because they are the best in their trade. I know a lot of guys baulk at the price of a pair of handmade lace-ups. A typical $400 price tag may seem like a lot at first, but there's a reason for it - the build, the quality of the leather (among other factors) all assist in make a superior shoe in terms of comfort, breathability, fit, strength and longevity.

Most shoes nowadays are the opposite - they're "disposable", they weaken your feet, over heat them, they don't last long and worst of all, they mould your feet instead of your feet moulding the shoe to its natural shape. Think about all of this and the higher price you pay upfront won't end up being a bad investment - you'll even save money, until you form a shoe fetish like me!

Sports Jacket by Scotch and Soda
Cashmere/Wool Pants by Oscar Hunt
Tan Brogue Shoes by Grenson from Beggar Man Thief
'Helter Skelter' Sunglasses by Karen Walker
Vintage Watch by Omega