The Best Shirts for Men, Money can buy.

Jared Acquaro

Beware of the naked man who offers you his shirt.

This post on Men’s shirts is in now way a sales pitch for shirting brands I am about to list. This is purely from experience and opinions may differ.

The rating system I used was based on value, construction, quality, and design. These all have a huge impact on the final product.

Please comment below if you would like to know more or have a favorite of your own!


Easily a favorite of mine due to ticking all the boxes. The shirts are made in Japan using quality shirting fabrics with the options to choose from a more premium selection.

There are three collar choices, all versatile and classic, Semi-spread, Cutaway, and Button-down.

Five fit options are available, Tokyo Slim and Classic which are for short to regular in height men and the New York Slim and Classic for more taller men and the newest addition “Manhatten” fit which is the same as a Toyko Slim with just a little more off the stomach.

The Shirts are easy to wash, iron and don’t fall apart. You will definitely be able to find your fit and size from Kamakura.

Prices range from $79USD

Walker Slater

Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, Walker Slater prides themselves on making locally. Their shirts are of a high quality for a low price in comparison to most you would get “locally made”.

Fabrics range from formal cotton to flannel and the styles range from work to workwear/casual.  The collar styles range from Semi-spread, Button-down to a more classic Penny collar.

Formal style shirts have a tailored fit while the more casual style shirts have a classic regular fit.

Definitely another brand that ticks all the boxes, with shirts starting from 60EURO.

Howard’s Paris

These are a little more on the pricey side compared to the last two. This is due to all shirts being made in Normandy with Thomas Mason fabrics.

The quality is definitely there in the construction and fabrics, the styles are all more formal and very Parisian.

The finishing details are nice with hand sewn (“Zampa di gallina”) MoP buttons. Fit wise there are two options Classic or Slim.

The slim is modern and comfortable, while the classic is more timeless and are distinguished by their side pleats are sewn into the upper back. Both fits come with French cuffs or button cuffs and your choice of six different collars.

The classic italian collar and cut-away collar are accompanied by singular collars like pin-collar or button-down and also ceremonial styles.

The prices start at 105 EUROS.

Eton Shirts

Eton has been around for a long time since 1928 and they have got shirt making to an art without compromising on any standards. Every shirt is made from 45 different parts and sewn with 12 000 stitches.

They have ten different collar styles, four collections for different occasions, hundreds of fabrics and patterns to choose from, and multiple cuff styles.

Eton’s fit range is also very impressive, from super slim, slim, contemporary, classic plus extra long sleeves.

All made in Sweden with prices starting from 129EUROS

Cordone 1956

Italian made shirts at its finest. Cordone shirts are all partially hand made and some higher end with more handmade finishes.

All shirts are made in Aielli with of skilled craftsmen and top quality of fabrics for a unique product.

Cordone is well known for their use of patterns and classic Italian style. With several types of collars and cuff styles, you can even opt for a bespoke shirt and create something of your very own.

Shirting starting from 115Euros, note that when ordering bespoke production times will depend on how busy the workshop is.


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